Phase 3

Phase 3 will begin in the 3rd Quarter following the token launch. The focus of this phase is to develop a self-deployable NFT platform, a premium version, and to generate revenue for the token team. This revenue will be used to bolster the growth of the token by listing it on more centralized exchanges, conducting repurchases and burning them. Furthermore, the team will recruit on a global scale and create new use cases, integrating AI technology to enhance the utility and value of the token.

  • 100,000 $XAI Holders.

  • Grok xAI Trading Premium Version.

  • Grok xAI Draw NFT Platform

  • Grok xAI Scanner - TRON, Harmony, Cronos, FON & more.

  • Grok xAI Payment Processor Platform for Commerical

  • Grok xAI GPT further upgrades.

  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for ETH, Polygon Chain.

  • CEX Listing & Adoption on Top 5 Exchange.

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