By creating and leveraging an advanced AI model, layer-2 blockchain, and DApps, X AI seeks to become a leader in the AI-based utility products space. The X AI roadmap also set outs development goals and objectives that promote growth, stability and security of the platform, along with ensuring user experience and protecting user data privacy.

The xAI roadmap outlines the team's future aims and objectives for creating and using its Advanced AI model, AI-based utility products, layer-2 blockchain, and ecosystem of DApps and utilities. This plan underscores the team's commitment to fostering the potential of AI and blockchain technology and provides a clear roadmap for developing and directing the business and its technology. The xAI roadmap highlights objectives that promote growth, stability, security of the platform, protect user data privacy, and deliver an exceptional user experience. It also sets out planned features and releases with the goal of becoming a leader in the AI-based utility products space. 3 Progressive Phases:

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3